Building a business is not possible without the help and advice from people we like to call subject matter experts. One of the many rewards of building and running a business is to be able to meet people who are subject matter experts and freely offer their vast wealth of experience and expertise to a new business like ours. We have been fortunate, and are very appreciative, of the many people who are helping us build something very exciting! In a series of posts we would like to acknowledge a few of our friends…

We have been fans of (CG) long before we launched In fact, we frequently visited their online community and read many of their articles, product reviews and forums to learn about espresso and coffee, growers, roasters, baristas, espresso and coffee enthusiasts, equipment manufacturers and distributors, and so on. Although there are several other good online coffee communities, we believe CG is by far the largest, most active and highest quality. Mark Prince, its senior editor and uber-coffee-geek, brings to mind Robert Parker and Hugh Johnson (apologies to the wine aficionados for borrowing Messrs. Parker and Johnson) in terms of his knowledge, credibility, passion, vision and influence.  He and his team have created a coffee community numbering more than 500,000!

When we were ready to go live with our business and website, we contacted CG to explore how we could join their community. CG encouraged us to market our espresso and coffee-related items on their site and within a few weeks invited us to participate in their holiday fund raiser and silent auction to benefit the Coffee Kids: Grounds for Hope charity. We mention this because it demonstrates the values and power of an online community (CG) and the recognition by participants in the coffee industry that they must give back to the larger coffee community (through charities like Coffee Kids) to nurture, sustain and grow that coffee community. CG managed to assemble an impressive list of 30 sponsors for the silent auction, which kicked off Thanksgiving week and will end mid-January. contributed a set of 2 orange espresso cups with saucers and 2 light blue espresso cups with saucers (each set costs $56 plus shipping). The espresso cups are handcrafted in Switzerland, available in 8 funky colors, accented in platinum and signed by the artisan. Bidding for the orange set closed at $75 and the light blue set is being auctioned by 7 pm on Dec 16. Although our contribution is modest, reflecting the fact that we are the new kid on the block, we are nevertheless proud to be able to participate with CG and the entire community. And we thank Mark Prince and CG for inviting us!

Since joining the CG community, we have met several interesting people who have offered their advice and help to us. We’ll introduce them in an upcoming post.


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