World Barista Championship, Tokyo, Jul 31-Aug 2

James Hoffmann of the UK wins championship

Updated as of August 2

45 of the world’s best baristi, each representing their country as national champion, travelled to Tokyo for the 2007 World Barista Championship to demonstrate their skills and passion to craft and serve 4 espresso, 4 capuccino and 4 signature drinks (their choice) during a 15 minute competition slot.  Six baristi qualified for the finals.

Read our report on the 2007 US Barista Championship for more background information.

We encourage anyone interested in following the World Barista Championship to visit the following sites that are providing “live” coverage (blogs, photos and video):

  • Two well-regarded baristi, Katie Carguilo (herself a USBC semi-finalist) and Zachary Carlsen, travelled to Tokyo to provide hours and hours of amazing coverage of the WBC.  Both are blogging live from the competition and upload videos of each competitor’s performance within hours minutes.
  • Barista Magazine: Barista Magazine publisher Ken Olson covers the WBC from Tokyo with top notch reporting and stunning photos.  Very complementary to the effort.
  • Coffeegeek offering their insight into the WBC and some of the participants and one minor “controversy”.
  • Winners

    The results of the final round:

    1st Place: United Kingdom – James Hoffmann
    Watch his first round presentation

    2nd Place: United States – Heather Perry
    Watch her first round presentation

    3rd Place: New Zealand – Carl Sara
    Watch his first round presentation

    4th Place: Japan – Miyuki Miyamae
    Watch her first round presentation

    5th Place: Switzerland – Anna Kaeppeli
    Watch her first round presentation

    6th Place: Brazil – Sylvia Magalhaes
    Watch her first round presentation

    All first round videos courtesy of

    Colter Jones, national champion from Canada and general manager of Caffe Artigiano in Royal Park, Vancouver, competed in the first round (see the video) using the Terra Keramik espresso cups and cappuccino cupsColter finished a strong 7th place (1/2 point from 6th place and a place in the finals, due to going over the 15 minutes allotted time). Congratulations on an amazing performance and we hope he’ll defend his Canadian barista champion title and come back to the WBC next year!

    Colter Jones’ Cappuccino Pour during the 2007 Tokyo WBC (photo by Barrett Jones).


    The finalist group represented four continents, demonstrating the global progress and success achieved by baristi in the past few years. Four of the six finalists are women.

    Heather Perry, the US national champion, achieved the highest US finish ever with her 2nd place. Matthew Riddle, the 2006 USBC champion, finished 3rd in the 2006 WBC. Jim Hoffmann, this year’s world champion, finished 5th in the 2006 WBC.

    Competition was very tough with several pre-competition “favorites” not qualifying for the finals (e.g., Scottie Callaghan of Australia, the various Nordic champions). The prior year, three of the six finalists were from Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden and Iceland).

    Contrary to the sparse live media coverage of the 2007 USBC (see Takeaways in our report on the 2007 US Barista Championship), the live blogging with videos and commentary from kept the global community of coffee enthusiasts well informed and riveted to their computer screens. Thanks for the unprecedented coverage! Both Barista Magazine and also reported from Tokyo.


    2 Responses to “World Barista Championship, Tokyo, Jul 31-Aug 2”

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      […] Jones, the defending 2006 CNBC Champion, finished 4th. Colter had placed a strong 7th at the World Barista Championship held in Tokyo in July. Mike Yung will represent Canada at the 2008 […]

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      […] Now unless you’re particularly tuned into the coffee world, you may not have even heard of this particular competition or of barista competitions in general. In short, they are a little like the Iron Chef meets espresso making – a timed competition in which the competing barista is judged, technically and in terms of the senses, on 4 shots of espresso, 4 cappuccinos and 4 signature drinks. At this point, the competition season is in full swing with the winner of the WRBC going on to compete at the U.S Barista Championship in Minnesota in May and the winner of that competition moving on to the World Barista Championship in Copenhagen later in June. You can read more about this phenomenon on the WRBC website. There’s also a good description on The Shot and some links to videos of the top 2007 WBC competitors on ZacharyZachary organized here. […]

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