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New York Times “To Burundi and Beyond for Coffee’s Holy Grail”

September 13, 2007

Photo Copyright by The New York Times, Janet Jarman for The New York Times.

The New York Times features an awesome article “To Burundi and Beyond for Coffee’s Holy Grail” about the search for coffee perfection in far flung places of the world. We mean awesome because the 2nd largest national daily newspaper (after the Wall Street Journal), a barometer for mainstream media, is recognizing the efforts and progress from bean to cup in the specialty coffee segment. And we mean awesome because it describes how some of our favorite specialty roasters (Stumptown, Intelligentsia, Counter Culture, Terroir) discover the next great coffees and work with local farmers to improve the quality. All four roasters sell both single origin coffees as well as blends, including many that are certified organic, fair trade, and shade-grown coffees. The New York Times article includes a beautiful slide show of farms in Nicaragua’s coffee growing region and a video on coffee cupping (analogous to wine tasting) featuring a barista from 9th Street Espresso, one of New York City’s best cafes. To view the article, you may need to sign up for a FREE New York Times online account (you don’t need to be a subscriber).