Honorable mention in eCommerce contest

For all the time we put into creating our online marketplace and the website that supports it, for all the late nights and weekends, for learning how to code using PHP, javascript, HTML and CSS, it’s nice to get a little recognition. Read on.


WebAssist announced the winners of its 2007 “Do More / Win More” contest, and terrakeramik.com was awarded honorable mention (4th place) in the “best eCommerce” category.

WebAssist is a leading vendor of software solutions for the Adobe Macromedia Dreamweaver platform. The contest was open to all websites that incorporate certain of WebAssist’s products. terrakeramik.com, running on an Apache/Linux/PHP 5/ MySQL 5 platform, leverages WebAssist’s eCart (shopping cart), DataAssist (database integration), Universal Email, Cookies Toolkit, Validation Toolkit (both client and server side form validation), and SecurityAssist (registration and authentication). WebAssist products are available for PHP, ASP, and ColdFusion. WebAssist’s product suite is supported by first-class tech support as well as professional services for custom implementations.

WebAssist has some cool new products and tools, including a tool to help create CSS compliant websites in collaboration with Eric Meyer (recognized CSS guru), and tools to integrate Google apps, PayPal, Skype and PlayStream video.

A thank you to WebAssist for recognizing our work!


2 Responses to “Honorable mention in eCommerce contest”

  1. Sé Gorman Says:

    Hi is it possible to buy terrakeramik capp and espresso cups in the uk or europe. To buy them from the us website and have them shipped causes lots of problems.

    thanks. good blog for coffee geeks and commercial web geeks

  2. terrakeramik Says:

    Hi Sé,

    Thanks for your inquiry and kind comments. You may contact Terra Keramik in Switzerland at this email “info at terrakeramik dot ch”. Please mention the cups, quantities and colors that interest you, and mention where in Europe you want them shipped, and Terra Keramik can provide you with a quote, including shipping. Maybe you also had an opportunity to view the barista section of our website http://www.terrakeramik.com with recipes, tips, photos and video. Thanks again.

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