Coffees we enjoy

We stocked up on several excellent coffees from Counter Culture Coffee for the holidays. Counter Culture is considered one of the best US artisan roasters, and its co-owner and coffee buyer, Peter Guliano, is well regarded within the coffee industry. Read this article in the New York Times to learn more about Counter Culture and several other US artisan roasters.

Our selection of coffees includes a couple of African coffees from Kenya (from the Kangocho farmers in Nyeri, Kenya) and Rwanda (Bourbon coffee varietal, from the tiny agrarian community Humure in the province of Byumba, northern Rwanda). We also purchased a Central American coffee, the Finca El Puente (the “Purple Princess”) from Marcala, Honduras (Catuai coffee varietal) and a coffee from Asia-Pacific, Kuta from the Waghi Valley, Papua New Guinea.

We completed our Holiday coffees with Counter Culture’s Northern Italian espresso blend, Aficionado, wonderful either pulled as straight shots or as a base for cappuccino or latte.

Counter Culture Coffees


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