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We’re BAAACK!!!

October 21, 2008

We’ve been busy the past 6 months growing and expanding our online marketplace at and although we continue to be busy (especially with the holiday season only a few weeks away), we are excited to share with you some of the things we’re doing on this blog. We’ll be posting in the next few days, so check back! Thanks.


New York Times “At Last, a $20,000 Cup of Coffee”

January 25, 2008

Photo Copyright by The New York Times, Peter DaSilva for The New York Times.

The New York Times features an article “At Last, a $20,000 Cup of Coffee” about the changes percolating in the coffee machine segment driven by an ever-increasing interest among both baristi and consumers for a better cup of coffee. While much attention has been paid to the espresso machine segment, that has not been the case for coffee machines until the past few years.

The article covers both the $11,000 Clover machine as well as the (what it claims to be) $20,000 Japanese halogen-siphon machine. After a promising opening, the article fades a little and doesn’t provide much detailed information about the various machines and how they function (although there is a nice step by step slide show that accompanies the article).

This is one of several articles the New York Times has published in the past year covering the specialty coffee business (thank you for that!). See also “To Burundi and Beyond for Coffee’s Holy Grail”. To view the articles, you may need to sign up for a FREE New York Times online account (you don’t need to be a subscriber).