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Canadian Barista Championship, Montreal, Oct 21-22, 2008

October 22, 2008

Here are the final results (courtesy of John Manzo) of the Canadian Barista Championship held in Montreal on October 21-22 in conjunction with the Canada Coffee & Tea Show. Six of the 14 first round competitors qualified for the final:

1. Sammy Piccolo Caffè Artigiano Vancouver, BC 569.5 pts
2. Spencer Vieghweger JJ Bean Coffee Vancouver, BC 562.0 pts
3. Joel May Fratello Coffee Company Calgary, AB 555.5 pts
4. Chad Moss Transcend Coffee Edmonton, AB 551.5 pts
5. Phil Robertson Phil & Sebastian Coffee Calgary, AB 527.5 pts
6. Anthony Benda Café Myriade Montreal, QC 517.5 pts

The winner for the fourth time is Sammy Piccolo, who is both the Manager of Caffè Artigiano’s Burnaby (Vancouver) location and an owner (together with his brothers Michael and Vince) of 49th Parallel Roasters, also located in Vancouver. Sammy will represent Canada at the next World Barista Championship planned for April 16-19, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia. He placed an unprecedented 2nd, 3rd and 2nd at the 2004, 2005 and 2006 World Barista Championships (three consecutive top 3 finishes). He did not compete after the 2006 WBC, and the following two years, Colter Jones and Mike Yung represented Canada at the WBC, with Colter placing a strong 7th in 2007 and Mike finishing an excellent 5th at the WBC earlier this year. Both Colter and Mike represented Caffè Artigiano (Mike is still there and Colter moved on to 49th Parallel Roasters). In summary, the Caffè Artigiano “barista gang” will have represented Canada for 6 consecutive years at the World Barista Championships! Wow!

Congratulations to all of the competitors for elevating the quality of specialty coffee and exhibiting a true passion for your craft. Chad Moss and Anthony Benda may be a little disappointed with their placings (Chad won the 2004 South Australia regional barista competition; Anthony placed a fantastic 3rd at the Canadian Barista Championship in 2007 as a first-time competitor), but we congratulate both on their achievement to train for months and represent their artisan craft so well. Both Chad and Anthony competed with Terra Keramik espresso cups and cappuccino cups, as did Laura Perry (who unfortunately missed the finals) of Bridgehead Coffeehouses in Toronto. We thank you for placing your trust in our handcrafted, eco-friendly “competition grade” products. We also have a special partnership with Anthony (full disclosure!), who provides content for our online marketplace, including videos, recipes and tips around everything that is coffee and espresso.

And of course John Manzo would like me to mention that Western Canada continues to rule (see his blog) the Canadian coffee scene barista competitions (sorry Anthony!). 🙂

We also encourage you to check out the archived video coverage available at, as well as Liz Clayton’s coverage of the competition and Anthony Benda’s wrapup.


Canadian Barista Championship, Montreal, Oct 21-22, 2008

October 21, 2008

Just a quick interim post with the first round results of the Canadian Barista Championship being held in Montreal on October 21-22 in conjunction with the Canada Coffee & Tea Show. Sixteen baristi competed (4 baristi from each of 4 regional competitions), and this is the first year that all baristi qualified for the national competition via regional competitions (no open entries like in the past).

The top six baristi from the first round who qualified for the finals (starting at 12 noon Eastern Time on Tuesday, October 22) are as follows (in no particular order):

Joel May Fratello Coffee Company Calgary, AB
Spencer Vieghweger JJ Bean Coffee Vancouver, BC
Anthony Benda Café Myriade Montreal, Quebec
Chad Moss Transcend Coffee Edmonton, AB
Phil Robertson Phil & Sebastian Coffee Calgary, AB
Sammy Piccolo Caffè Artigiano Vancouver, BC

Notable is that that 5 out of the 6 finalists hail from Western Canada, with Anthony Benda the only representative from the Eastern part of the country. Many will point out that this wouldn’t necessarily reflect the quickly changing Eastern and Central landscape for specialty coffee in Canada, which has many excellent roasters, cafes and baristi (Montreal alone has several top cafes, including Cafe Sante Veritas, Anthony’s former employer, and his soon to open Cafe Myriade).

Video coverage (live streaming and archived videos) is available at

We’re BAAACK!!!

October 21, 2008

We’ve been busy the past 6 months growing and expanding our online marketplace at and although we continue to be busy (especially with the holiday season only a few weeks away), we are excited to share with you some of the things we’re doing on this blog. We’ll be posting in the next few days, so check back! Thanks.

Finals Results – MRBC

March 2, 2008

28 baristi participated in the first-ever Mountain Regional Barista Championship. The Open Round was held on Saturday and the following 6 baristi qualified for Sunday’s Finals:

Anita Fried – Logans Espresso
Nolan Dutton – Conscious Coffees
Vajra Rich – Sole Coffee Roasters
Susan Price – The Black Cup
Jon Lewis – Long Story Short Coffee
Heidi Bickelhaudt – Trident Cafe

Results of Sunday’s Final Round:

3rd place- Heidi Bickelhaudt
2nd place- Nolan Dutton
1st place- Jon Lewis!

Congratulations to Jon Lewis and all the participants!!! By winning this regional championship, Jon automatically qualified for the semi-finals of the 2008 United States Barista Championship to be held in Minneapolis on May 2-5. Please read Jon’s blog to learn more about the event and the participants. Also check out Mike Strumpf’s blog (Allegro Coffee was the host).

Baristas Abuzz With Caffeinated Competition is a great article about the Region’s coffee scene with short biographies of 4 competitors.

Canadian Barista Championship, Toronto, Sep 16-17

October 3, 2007

Just a quick late post with the results of the Canadian Barista Championship held in Toronto on September 16-17 in conjunction with the Canada Coffee & Tea Show.

The results of the finals (6 best baristi from the open round and 2 regional champions) are as follows:

1st Mike Yung Caffe Artigiano Vancouver, BC
2nd Cady Wu Wicked Cafe Vancouver, BC
3rd Anthony Benda Café Santé Veritas Montreal, Quebec
4th Colter Jones Caffè Artigiano Vancouver, BC
5th Mark Krause Espresso Post Collingwood, Ontario
6th Derek Lucas Buon Amici’s Coffee Victoria, BC
7th Brette Richard 2% Jazz Victoria, BC
8th Kimberly Staveley Matter of Taste Kitchener, Ontario

Both Mike Yung, the winner, and Anthony Benda, the 3rd place finisher, are first time competitors.  Colter Jones, the defending 2006 CNBC Champion, finished 4th. Colter had placed a strong 7th at the World Barista Championship held in Tokyo in July. Mike Yung will represent Canada at the 2008 WBC.

With the Canadian Barista Championship, Terra Keramik continued to supply several competing baristi with our line of handcrafted espresso cups and cappuccino cups. We appreciate the trust placed in our products by Anthony Benda (Café Santé Veritas), Colter Jones (Caffè Artigiano), Andrew Legg (Transcend Coffee), and Jeremie Thompson (Bridgehead Coffeehouses), all of whom competed with our cups.

Andrew Legg and Poul Mark have started a Transcend Coffee blog with photos of the Canadian Barista Championship. Also check out the Dwelltime coffee blog of Barrett Jones, himself a top Canadian barista and brother of Colter.

Several people have posted competition photos on flickr, including Liz Clayton (who wrote a nice article for Barista Magazine), Rich Westerfield of Aldo Coffee, Poul Mark of Transcend Coffee, and James Hoffmann, the current WBC champion.

World Barista Championship, Tokyo, Jul 31-Aug 2

July 31, 2007

James Hoffmann of the UK wins championship

Updated as of August 2

45 of the world’s best baristi, each representing their country as national champion, travelled to Tokyo for the 2007 World Barista Championship to demonstrate their skills and passion to craft and serve 4 espresso, 4 capuccino and 4 signature drinks (their choice) during a 15 minute competition slot.  Six baristi qualified for the finals.

Read our report on the 2007 US Barista Championship for more background information.

We encourage anyone interested in following the World Barista Championship to visit the following sites that are providing “live” coverage (blogs, photos and video):

  • Two well-regarded baristi, Katie Carguilo (herself a USBC semi-finalist) and Zachary Carlsen, travelled to Tokyo to provide hours and hours of amazing coverage of the WBC.  Both are blogging live from the competition and upload videos of each competitor’s performance within hours minutes.
  • Barista Magazine: Barista Magazine publisher Ken Olson covers the WBC from Tokyo with top notch reporting and stunning photos.  Very complementary to the effort.
  • Coffeegeek offering their insight into the WBC and some of the participants and one minor “controversy”.
  • Winners

    The results of the final round:

    1st Place: United Kingdom – James Hoffmann
    Watch his first round presentation

    2nd Place: United States – Heather Perry
    Watch her first round presentation

    3rd Place: New Zealand – Carl Sara
    Watch his first round presentation

    4th Place: Japan – Miyuki Miyamae
    Watch her first round presentation

    5th Place: Switzerland – Anna Kaeppeli
    Watch her first round presentation

    6th Place: Brazil – Sylvia Magalhaes
    Watch her first round presentation

    All first round videos courtesy of

    Colter Jones, national champion from Canada and general manager of Caffe Artigiano in Royal Park, Vancouver, competed in the first round (see the video) using the Terra Keramik espresso cups and cappuccino cupsColter finished a strong 7th place (1/2 point from 6th place and a place in the finals, due to going over the 15 minutes allotted time). Congratulations on an amazing performance and we hope he’ll defend his Canadian barista champion title and come back to the WBC next year!

    Colter Jones’ Cappuccino Pour during the 2007 Tokyo WBC (photo by Barrett Jones).


    The finalist group represented four continents, demonstrating the global progress and success achieved by baristi in the past few years. Four of the six finalists are women.

    Heather Perry, the US national champion, achieved the highest US finish ever with her 2nd place. Matthew Riddle, the 2006 USBC champion, finished 3rd in the 2006 WBC. Jim Hoffmann, this year’s world champion, finished 5th in the 2006 WBC.

    Competition was very tough with several pre-competition “favorites” not qualifying for the finals (e.g., Scottie Callaghan of Australia, the various Nordic champions). The prior year, three of the six finalists were from Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden and Iceland).

    Contrary to the sparse live media coverage of the 2007 USBC (see Takeaways in our report on the 2007 US Barista Championship), the live blogging with videos and commentary from kept the global community of coffee enthusiasts well informed and riveted to their computer screens. Thanks for the unprecedented coverage! Both Barista Magazine and also reported from Tokyo.